Removal of Inactive Teacher Profiles

To our valued teachers,

Thank you for always supporting Flamingo. Here at Flamingo, we are always striving for ways to provide our users with the best experience possible and in order to do that, we would like to hear your opinions on the following matter. In recent months, we have received messages from students stating that there were no reactions to their lesson requests and messages sent to a number of teachers due to their inactivity. Thus, we would like to propose removing the profiles of teachers who:

1. have not logged in to the Flamingo application for more than a month
2. did not reply to the students’ messages and lesson requests
3. did not show up on the day of the lesson

These measures are scheduled to be implemented from June to ensure that the students will be able to select their teachers from a pool of active and responsive teachers, as well as provide our teachers with increased chances of getting more students due to decreased competition from inactive teachers. If you have any opinions on this matter, please do let us know by sending us a message through Tom. We would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Team Flamingo

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