Teacher manual ~ Lesson progress from the beginning to the end


1. First decide of the lesson content through the chat

There are students directly sending a lesson request, but, to not be embarrassed, you should decide of the lesson content with your student through the chat.
When receiving a lesson request you can change the date by entering in the edit button located in the details screen, so please do not worry.

2. Receive a lesson request:

After deciding of the lesson content, the student sends a lesson request. As a teacher you can send a lesson request, but when doing so, the payment becomes difficult so be careful!

3. Make a lesson reminder several days before the date

You should take contact with your student sending a message like “Your lesson is in two days”. The day before, if the student forgot about the lesson and planned something else, it is no more possible to cancel it.

4. Go to the place you decided at time

Even though until now we did not have any case of people arriving extremely late, there are sometimes people who have urgent reasons and cannot go anymore to the lesson.
There are situations like “He didn’t contact me so I was embarrassed” or “I lost my way to the cafe so I wasn’t able to come” but in this case you can always directly contact the customer support in the application.

5. Time of the lesson

Now it is time to do the lesson using all the information above. If you know the level of your student beforehand, it will be easier to provide a lesson your learner will be happy with.

6. Payment and teacher review from the student

If the student did not pay you, contact the customer support in the app!

Hints on how to make a good lesson

What is “a good lesson”? It all depends.
To students, let’s think about the lesson that should bring you what you want to learn.
If there is a problem or a difficulty you encountered, do not hesitate to contact the customer support.


  • make any direct money exchange between the teacher and the student
  • choose your house to do the lesson
  • exchange other SNS account in our chat until the first lesson is over for security
  • violating public order and morality
  • We strongly prohibit any acts other than having lessons, such as solicitation and harassment.

If any users commit these actions above, the users’ account will be banned and taken apart from our service forever.

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