Efforts for Safety & Security

Flamingo is a matching service where users are free to enjoy language conversations at a nearby cafe.

However, there are also users who may feel uneasy about meeting foreign teachers and having one-on-one lessons.

Here at Flamingo, our aim is to create a service our users can use safely and with peace of mind. Therefore, we are making efforts from various angles and would like to introduce some of our safety precautions here;

Efforts Towards Soundness

Flamingo’s support team performs daily checks using a combination of notifications from users and a unique tracking system to ensure that wrongdoers are removed from the service.

If a user is found to have violated our Terms of Service, we respond instantaneously according to our policies in order to protect other users.

※List of Prohibited Behaviours
1. Paying/receiving the lesson fee in cash
2. Usage for encounter/dating purposes
3. Exchanging personal contact information directly with the student/teacher (LINE, phone number, etc)
4. Sexual/violent acts
5. Solicitation

Efforts Towards Instructors

Based on our vision of enriching the lives of foreigners living in Japan, we have grown our business with the hope that foreigners can make a living in Japan using their native language.

In order to support their careers as a language instructor, on top of distributing teacher manuals we also provide one-on-one meetings and detailed support to our teachers.

August 2018~ Reinforcement Period

As of August 2018, along with the sharp increase in the number of users in Flamingo, in line with the above-mentioned efforts we are further strengthening patrols regarding the following prohibitions.

If you receive a request such as the following while chatting or during lessons, please refuse it by saying “This is a prohibited act according to the rules of service” and contact the support staff immediately. We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your consideration.

■Cash Exchanges

Payment of the lesson fee is required to be done by credit card through the application. Please note that if you exchange the lesson fee with the teacher directly using cash, there may be troubles that occur.
There are many merits from settling the payment on our application such as an increase in ranking according to the number of lessons reserved in the application or the awarding of campaign points.

■Exchange of Contact Information

Please refrain from exchanging personal contact information such as LINE or telephone numbers between teachers/students.

Since our support staff cannot respond appropriately when a problem occurs, do refrain from contacting each other outside the Flamingo application.

Also, do note that trouble occurring outside the Flamingo application (LINE etc) will be out of our support and compensation.

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