Now you can add your favourite cafe

Thank you for using Flamingo. You can now add the cafe you usually use for lessons to your favourites.

Teacher’s difficulties

Popular teacher’s difficulties

When it comes to requested teachers, you don’t have time to move to another cafe. Untill now, you had to ask the student thought the chat, to chose a specific place. It was quite bothersome because you had to copy and paste the address every time.

Difficulties met by teachers who are busy but want to use Flamingo

There are teachers who are very busy but want to teach in their little free time. If they are called to a distant café they have to refuse the request because of the travelling time.

To solve these issues

Now you have the possibility to add a cafe to your favourites. This means that after you register as a teacher, you now can add a “favourite cafe” from the edit profile screen.
Adding a cafe means that, when a student books a lesson, the cafe will be preferentially displayed on the screen and, unless a different cafe is specified, the lesson will take palce in your favourite cafe.

Check below for detailed instructions.

1. Open the teacher registration screen or the profile edit screen

Select “favourite cafe”

2. Add a cafe following the instructions

Save the added cafe or add your favourite cafe.

3.Have a lesson at your favourite cafe

How a lesson is booked

Wait until the student contacts you. Reply to the student, and confirm the booking. After that, you only need to hold the lesson. Have fun while teaching!

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