I don’t know to how request for a lesson

We will teach you how to use the application!
Look for a teacher that is displayed on the home screen on the application, or search for a teacher according to your requirements (language, area, etc) from the search button located on the upper right.
Since a teacher’s lesson contents and lesson location are written in the teacher’s profile column, please refer to this as well.

When you tap the “Start chat” button on the teacher’s profile, a chat room with the teacher will be opened.
Please exchange messages on chat to decide the lesson’s time and place.
In the chat room there is a button called “Apply”.
Please make a reservation from there and have the lesson at the specified location.

After the lesson, the payment screen will be displayed on the application, please pay accordingly.
Payment by credit card is requested.
Also please contact us if there are any questions. Thank you.

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