What Makes A Good Teacher?

What makes a good teacher? Recently, more and more foreigners flock to Japan in order to find a job and a big number of them have turned to teaching in order to earn a living. We’ve discovered 5 important characteristics that every teacher will need in order to stand out from the rest of the teachers out there and excel in your lessons.

1. Preparation is key

Students appreciate it when teachers present them with a well-structured lesson plan. This is especially important during your first lesson as it is the first impression you present to your students. If students know how serious you are about teaching, they will naturally want to reserve another lesson with you. Spend some time before the lesson preparing materials for your students and they will definitely appreciate it.

2. Smile and react

As the saying goes, nothing you wear is more important than your smile. By smiling frequently during lessons, you display a friendly demeanor towards your students which allows them to feel safe and more comfortable with you. When your students are talking, make sure to react to what they say as this makes them feel you are interested in what they have to say resulting in your students being more willing to open up to you.

3. Be patient and kind 

There are many students who are beginners in English and may take some time to find words that can express their thoughts. Students may also sometimes ask many questions regarding things they don’t understand during the lesson. As their teacher, it is important to be patient and understanding at times like this and guide your students in a way that is approachable and welcoming.

4. A Strong Work Ethic

In order to succeed as a teacher, it is important to have a strong work ethic. If you treat teaching on Flamingo as a real job and put in the effort and hours to become a good teacher, you will definitely succeed 🙂

5. Have high expectations for your students

A good teacher knows that the expectations he/she has for students will affect the student’s achievement. The higher the expectations for a student, the more the student is willing to work to meet the teacher’s hopes. However, it is important not to hold each student to the same standard as different students are capable of different things individually.

Teaching is a laborious job that not many can succeed in. In order to improve as a teacher, try keeping these points in mind as you continue on your journey as a teacher on Flamingo!

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