5 Questions To Ask During Your First Lesson

Are you a new teacher looking for tips on how to conduct your first lesson? Do you struggle to cater your lessons to your student’s goals? Not sure what questions to ask your students? These are some questions to help you get to know your students better!

It’s important to be able to gauge what your students want in an English lesson during your first meeting as this will enable you to secure your next lesson with them. The first lesson is also the time for you to find out what your students already know and figure out how they can improve their English.

1. Why are you studying English?

It’s important to know the reason why your student is studying English. Do they need it for work? Are they going to study abroad? By knowing the reason, you will be able to structure the lesson to their specific needs; eg: teaching them useful travel vocabulary if they are going on a holiday to Europe.

2. What are your current strengths in English?

Ask your students about their strength and play up their strengths. This will make them feel more confident in their English ability and are more likely to respond well to you. Is your student good at pronuncing Englis words? Make sure to compliment his/her pronunciation and this will encourage him/her to speak more!

3. Do you have any struggles with studying English?

Understanding your student’s weaknesses is also an important part of being a teacher. Once you know where the student’s weakness lie, only then can you formulate a plan to work on that weakness together. If your student is weak at listening, make sure to speak slower and articulate your words clearer so it is easier for your student to understand you.

4. How did you study English before?

By asking your students how they studied English before, you will gain an insight on their previous study methods and whether it worked for them or not. For example, if your students only studied using textbooks before and did not like it very much, you can suggest a more fun way to learn English such as discussing about their favourite hobbies or topics they are interested in.

5. Please tell me three goals you hope to achieve with your English.

The most important question to ask your student is his/her goal in studying English. By understanding your student’s goal(s), it will be easier for you to plan your lessons based on it!

So there you have it! 5 questions to ask your students to get to know them better. Feel free to use these questions during your next lesson 😉

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