Changes in the reservation method for the first lesson!

Reservation method for the first lesson has changed

Students will no longer be able to send messages to teachers until a student send the first lesson request.

There are the following benefits.
· Reduce the burden on popular teachers (reduce the act of taking contacts for purposes other than lessons)

Students and teachers can send messages after the first lesson request is sent.

When you get the first lesson request, please complete the following actions

▼If you can have the lesson at the student’s desired date:
Please greet the students and approve the lesson request!

▼If you cannot accept the lesson request at the student’s desired date:
Do not approve the lesson request!
Please send messages to the students and reschedule the lesson date and time.


■ How to cancel a lesson request.

1. Select the lesson you want to cancel from the lesson tab.
2. Tap “…” at the upper right of the lesson details screen.
3. Tap “Cancel”

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