Save On Your Paypal Fees!

Save with Your Paypal Fees! For withdrawals of 10,000 yen or more, Flamingo will pay the transfer fee of 3.6% + 40 yen

Benefit For Instructors 
· There Is No Need To Worry About Being Charged Extra Fees Even If You Remit Your Accumulated Points At Once.
· The More You Accumulate, The More You Save!

Click here for details on how to transfer your points

The fee change will take place for transfer requests sent from 2019/4/15 00: 00: 00 ~

※ Transfer requests sent up to 2019/4/14 23:59:59 will be transferred as usual by adding 5% + 7 yen to the transfer amount

The fee paid by flamingo will be a flat rate when other fees are incurred, such as exchange rate paid for overseas accounts.
There is a change in the fee structure.
For withdrawals of less than 10000 yen → The Paypal fee will be paid by the instructor
· For withdrawals of 10000 yen or more → Paypal fee of 3.6% + 40 yen will be borne by Flamingo

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