【Application Update】Students can now discover your profile easily ☺️

Thank you for using Flamingo!
We are pleased to inform you that there has a major update of our home screen and search.

※ Android application, and web has not been updated.

 We have increased the search conditions

We added various searchable conditions so that students can easily find teachers to match their needs.
Fulfilling the requirements below is very high so please be sure to respond!

1. Please fill in your lesson availability in your schedule management screen

2. Please be sure to fill in your profile in detail

Recommended field from Flamingo has been created on HOME

Flamingo’s recommended tab has been added on the home screen.

Useful information from the Flamingo staff such as ways to increase lesson requests, how to use Flamingo, etc will be posted here.
Please be sure to check it out it will it will be updated regularly.

Popular teachers are now featured on the home screen

Many Flamingo teachers offering lessons uptill now have been featured on the home screen!

Flamingo Will Continue To Make Improvements To Improve Your User Experience In The Future.
If You Have Any Feedback Or Comments Please Contact Our Support StaffTom.
We Look Forward To Working With You In The Future As Well.

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